A new species of the freshwater

A new species of the freshwater

A new species of the freshwater fish genus astyanax (ostariophysi: characidae) from the rio iguaçu basin, southeastern brazil. Farooqi describes and figures a new acanthocephalan species-pallisentis basin nsp-from the fresh-water eel rhynchobdella aculeata collected in the. Elseya is a genus of large side-necked turtles, commonly known as australian snapping turtles, in the family chelidae species in the genus elseya are found in river. De carvalho, marcelo r potamotrygon tigrina, a new species of freshwater stingray from the upper amazon basin, closely related to. Journal of crustacean biology, 4(1): 127-133, 1984 disparithelphusa pecki, a new genus and species of fresh-water crab from mexico (brachyura: pseudothelphusidae. A new species of the freshwater cladoceran genus scapholeberis schoedler, 1858 (cladocera: anomopoda) from the semidesert northern mexico, highlighted by.

A new species of freshwater crab of the genus kingsleya ortmann, 1897 (crustacea: brachyura: pseudothelphusidae) from amazonia, brazil. Zootaxa,a new species of the freshwater fish genus. Journal of natural history, 2002, 36, 51 64 \^y taylor & f'jncii croup a new genus and new species of freshwater crab (potamoidea, potamidae) from. Studies on the morphology of three new species of trypanosomes from the fresh water fish mastacembelus armatus in maharashtra, india. Abstract a new species of freshwater crab, potamonautes subukia, from the forested highlands of western kenya, east africa, is described the small body size at.

A new species of land-locked freshwater shrimp of the genus neocaridina (decapoda: caridea: atyidae) from iki island, kyushu, japan hsi-te shih1,, yixiong cai 2. Mougeotia mesocarpiana (zygnematophyceae, chlorophyta), a new freshwater species of the mesocarpus section mougeotia mesocarpiana (zygnematophyceae. To survive fresh water among fishers in the united states, freshwater fish species are usually classified by the water temperature in which they survive. Vol 39: four new species of the acanthocephalan family neoechinorhynchidae from fresh-water fishes of north america, one representing a new genus.

Memoria de la fundaci6n la salle de ciencias naturales 2007 (2006), 166 133-139 a new species of macrobrachium (crustacea: decapoda: palaemonidae) from the. Four new species of haemoflagellates of the genus trypanoplasma, laveran and mesnil, 1901 viz t krishnamurthyi, t cavacii, t vidyai and t seenghaliare. Title: a new species of the freshwater crayfish genus euastacus (decapoda: parastacidae) from northeastern new south wales, australia author: coughran. Anguilla luzonensis, a new species of freshwater eel, family anguillidae, is described on the basis of 29 specimens collected from the pinacanauan river system, which.

  • List of freshwater aquarium fish species often sold as freshwater fish, but this species actually thrives in brackish water and may even require new guinea.
  • A new species of neotropical freshwater stingray of the genus potamotrygon garman, 1877 from the río madre de díos, peru (chondrichthyes: potamotrygonidae.
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  • A new species of neoechinorhynchus (eoacanthocephala: neoechinorhynchidae) from the freshwater fish ageneiosus inermis (siluriformes) in the brazilian amazon una.
  • Three new species of the freshwater snail genus.

New species stands apart from from p (baylis,1923) ali,1956 (nematoda:camallanidae)from fresh water fish and a key to the species. A new species of freshwater eel-tailed catfish of the genus tandanus (teleostei: plotosidae) from the wet tropics region of eastern australia stuart a welsh1, dean r.

A new species of the freshwater
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